iPod Nano® Wrist Watch Accessories

Turn your ordinary iPod Nano® into a extraordinary watch accessory.

Made from 100% silicone, Nanotch is comfortable and fashionable to wear.  Nanotch allows wearers to easily pop their iPod Nano® in and out of the watch face. Unlike other watch bands, the Nanotch also comes with the traditional watch clasp and protects the iPod Nano® from possible damage.  Additionally, the Nanotch can been worn by men, women and children alike!


- More than just a strap.
- Protects your Nano.
- 100% silicone.
- Comes in multiple colors.
- Traditional clasp to prevent from falling off.
- Fashionable look for everyday wear.
- One size fits all.
- Seats the iPod Nano® widthwise for designed viewing.
- Helps prevent moisture from your wrist.
- Unisex.

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